We have developed a complete training plan to accompany doctors who want to use this method to become part of the SEFFILINE world, to use our devices that allow a quick, easy and safe exploitation of the regenerative capabilities of vascular-stromal cells (SVF) and mesenchymal stem cells (ADSCs), naturally present in adipose tissue. Seffiller® is designed for facial anti-aging aesthetic therapy, Seffihair® to assist in the therapy of male and female androgenetic alopecia, Seffigyn® for both aesthetic and functional therapy of the female genitals, and Sefficare® for regenerative treatments in other districts, such as the orthopedic field (joint infiltration), vascular surgery, vulnology, dermatology, urology, andrology, etc …

The course formats are described below; for the dates of the basic courses / webinars and further details, please refer to the COURSES section of the website.


The BASIC COURSE is essential for purchasing the SEFFILINE devices.

BASIC COURSE in WEBINAR mode: it is a live lesson lasting 60-90 minutes, at the end of which, in the Q&A session, it is possible to interact with the Tutor for any scientific information on the device and method.

‘ON DEMAND’ BASIC COURSE: we have also developed basic courses for Doctors unable to attend webinars on the scheduled days. This registered basic course (lasting approximately 90 minutes), can be seen at any time, even in multiple sessions. Along with the link to download the course, a link to an online questionnaire is also sent to verify the content learning obtain the certificate. On request it is possible to discuss with the Tutor via Zoom by appointment (contact the secretariat).


The INTERMEDIATE COURSE takes place in presence in various cities, at the facility of one of the Tutors (info in the secretariat). After having learned in the theoretical part of the BASIC COURSE the principles on which autologous medicine is based and having become familiar with the components of our devices, the Doctor can attend a live treatment performed by one of our Tutors – expert in the field of interest – to gain experience with the procedure as well, including the ‘tricks of the trade’.


ADVANCED COURSE IN PRESENCE in various cities (info in the secretariat). After having learned in the theoretical part of the BASIC COURSE the principles on which autologous medicine is based and having become familiar with the components of our devices, the Doctor can carry out his first treatment under the supervision of one of our Tutor – expert in the field of interest – to acquire familiarity with the method. The Doctor, with their patient and a device, will go to the facility where the Tutor usually works to perform the complete procedure under his/her supervision.

FAST ADVANCED COURSE: the FAST ADVANCED series is a new remote training format to supplement the training of doctors who already have the basic course certificate. It is a series of monographic mini-courses of 30 minutes each on very specific topics, technical insights on the use of our devices. Each module will focus on a particular technique such as: Seffiller & hands, Seffiller & traction threads, Seffiller & body, Seffiller & Endolift, Seffiller & hyaluronic acid, Seffihair in women.

Seffiline Academy, to be closer to doctors who are interested in Autologous Regenerative Therapy in the outpatient setting, has created a new in-person course format: the ADVANCED COURSE WITH THE EXPERT ‘ON SITE’. Interested doctors can contact the Academy secretariat to arrange the presence of a doctor expert in ART treatments with our devices at their own facility. The Expert will always be next to the trainee doctor and will supervise every phase of the treatment, which will be entirely performed by the trainee.

After the courses the secretariat will issue a certificate of participation.


You can register for the BASIC COURSE / Webinar via the REGISTER link at the bottom of the pdf of the chosen course, while for the BASIC ON DEMAND, INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED COURSES it is necessary get organized with the organizing secretariat.

  +39.051 0217454
  +39328 6496088 (Mobile /Whatsapp)


The cost of the courses will vary according to the different geographic areas and agreements with the relevant distributors. The prices you see on the Italian website refer only to the Italian market.

For more information please contact the Academy secretariat



   various videotutorials are published on the SEFFILINE YouTube channel: from the tissue harvesting phase (video manuals and video procedures) to the implantation phase (video treatments and tips).

   on the SEFFILINE ACADEMY FaceBook group, doctors can exchange their experiences of regenerative medicine treatments with our medical devices with their colleagues.