Dr. Alex Karkhi is well known for his passion for beauty and facial harmony.
He has extensive experience as an oral implant surgeon applying surgical and non-surgical techniques to restore smiles and enhance natural youthful appearance.
Passionate about anti-ageing treatments and international facial morphotypes, Dr. K is an expert in non-surgical cosmetic procedures for facial aesthetics for Eastern-Europeans, Western-Europeans, Asian and Middle-Eastern patients.

After working in the field of aesthetics for more than 7 years, Dr. Alex Karkhi started to extend his medical training in general medicine and plastic surgery.

After creating ‘CLINICA DR. K Bucharest’, a very successful ‘boutique’ medical and dental aesthetic clinic in Bucharest, Romania, he is ready to embark new venture and welcome his patients in the new ‘CLINICA DR. K Saigon’ in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.