Dr. Guido Maronati is a doctor specializing in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

During his specialization he carried out numerous internships abroad, especially in Brazil, working and learning from world famous plastic surgeons (Prof. Ivo Pitanguy, Prof. Antonio Roberto Bozola).

Since 2006 he has been working as a freelancer in various studios, in Milan, Udine, Monza and Brianza, dedicating himself particularly to aesthetic medicine, aesthetic surgery and laser therapy.

Since 2013 he has held national and international training courses on Aptos suspension threads, having become an Expert Trainer in 2017.

Since 2017 he has been a lecturer at the International Academy of Practical aEsthetic Medicine (IAPEM) and since 2019 he has held the role of Didactic Coordinator. Since 2021 he has been a lecturer at the Nicalos School of Aesthetic Medicine.

He keeps himself constantly updated by participating in congresses, conferences and workshops and spends a month a year in Brazil to perfect himself.

He speaks and writes fluently in Italian, English, Portuguese.

He is member of the Italian Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (SICPRE) and the Italian Association of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery (AICPE).