Dr. Staszek is a highly experienced physician in Aesthetic Medicine. 

She graduated from the School of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-aging in Warsaw at Polish Medical Association. Her speciality and her big passion are: lasers, regenerative medicine, PDO thread -lifting using all the newest techniques and always looking to developing the best to achieve the top results for her patients. 

Dr. Malgorzata has a diverse career in medicine, she has been a GP and doing rotations in Anaesthetic and Hyperbaric medicine too. She is an active member of Save Face, accredited practitioners in London, as well as Member of the Royal Society of Medicine and several other prestigious scientific associations. 

She also really enjoys teaching and runs advanced training programs where she helps candidates to develop the best practical skills in the aesthetic industry.

In her free time she loves diving and as an instructor, teaches candidates pathophysiology of diving, how to dive in practice and how to preserve marine ecosystems.